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    Moving to SF midyear

    Hi! We are moving back to SF from abroad in February this coming year. I am trying to figure out how to handle the school situation. We plan to live in the city. My daughter will be in kindergarden.

    I am open to public schools and Catholic schools. I am trying to figure out how much of a disaster it will be to switch her mid year- or have her stay behind- finnish K - then start 1st grade in SF.

    How hard will it be to get a spot in a Catholic school for 1st grade? Just reading online there are quite a few that look decent. What about trying the SF public school system mid year? Am I completely screwing ourselves by coming into the lottery late?

    Any advice would be helpful. This is overwhelming.

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    Moondance, welcome back to the city! I think you may have slightly better luck if you enroll her for first grade rather than switch her mid-year for the more sought after public schools. The reason I say that is because there's likely to be some attrition over the summer rather than during the school year. Regardless, I think you should stay in contact with the EPC to see if anything does open up midyear. Good luck!

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    I agree with anamart even when it comes to Catholic schools. Mid-year transfers are tough, especially at the kindergarten level considering how little transition happens then. Trying for a first grade spot makes more sense but you should still keep in contact with the schools you're interested in should a spot open up somehow.

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    If you think getting your child into a parochial school now will be difficult, wait until you try to get them into a decent school at SFUSD. I son is going into first grade and I tried to transfer him into a school that is not run by bullies and other disruptive kids, and was nothing but a nightmare. We eventually gave up and enrolled him into a Catholic School. you can save yourself money and enroll into SFUSD or you can save yourself a migraine and put him or her in a private school.


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