From Chicago Sun-Times by Rosalind Rossi:
Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis hasn’t heard from Mayor Rahm Emanuel yet — but she has heard from Gloria Steinem and hundreds of supporters from as far away as Australia, France, Italy and Canada.

And she isn’t interested in running for mayor, but she will run for a second term as president of the Chicago Teachers Union.

As Lewis basked Wednesday in what some say is her new status as a union rock star, she looked back on a teachers’ contract battle and seven-day strike that won her national and even international attention. But she also looked forward.

She dug in her heels about an optional fourth year of the contract after hearing what CPS officials had shared in an “on background’’ briefing with local education reporters Wednesday.

District officials said that if CPS had the money to cover an extra three percent raise in year four and was willing to extend the contract to four years, an automatic change in the teacher evaluation formula would come with it. Student growth — including on standardized tests — would rise from the state minimum of 30 percent to 35 percent as part of any year-four deal, they said.

“Oh really? Hmm,” said Lewis, her back stiffening.

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