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    How does the waitlist work in the new student assignment system?

    In the old system, if we go 0 for 7, we would be at the top of the waitlist. Is that still the same in the new system?

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    From what I've read, it doesn't matter whether you list seven choices or not in the new system. Families on the wait list pool will be processed based on the same criteria (siblings, CTIP1, attendance area, etc) as the first round.

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    Think somebody else posted what Rachel Norton said in her blog but I'll post it here as well.
    How is priority in the waitlist process determined – e.g., if you get 0 of out of 7, you are at the top of the waitlist; if you get your 7th choice, you are next on the waitlist; if you get your 6th choice, you are next, so on and so forth? Is there any write-up explaining the waitlist process?
    In the new system, being on the waitlist doesn’t give you any priority — families will no longer be “rewarded” for listing seven choices; nor will families who list fewer than seven be penalized if they don’t receive one of their choices. Families will be allowed to list an unlimited number of schools if they wish. I don’t think it’s been determined how many additional “runs” of the wait lists will be necessary, but I’ve been told that there will be no restrictions on what families request on their wait lists. Let’s say you list Schools A, B, and C and don’t receive any of them — you can continue in subsequent wait pool runs to list your same choices and the assignment algorithm is supposed to work the same way each time, awarding seats based on the order of preferences listed above.

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    This from Vicki Symonds of PPS-SF:
    The new SAS will not have waitlists or waitpools. There will be multiple runs using the same criteria as the first run. What you put down or what you got in the first run will not impact a families chances in the subsequent runs.
    I followed up with her on a few clarification questions: When does the second run happen? How many subsequent runs will there be? Do families have to submit their choices in person to SFUSD each time? The details on those questions are still unknown at this point.

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    How does the waitlist work in the new assignment system?

    Do we still have to list at least 7 schools in order to get priority on the waitlist for the new assignment system?

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    Under the new system, SFUSD has done away with waitpools. Putting down 7 schools and going 0 fer no longer gives you priority on the waitlist.

    If you don't get a school you want when the March assignment comes out, you just submit another request in the subsequent placement runs. The subsequent runs will use the exact same tiebreakers as the first run. Let's say you are assigned School #5 on your original list. You can register at School #5 and be done with it. Alternatively, you can submit another request in the second run for Schools 1-4 (or any other schools you may want). If you get one of the schools you want in the second run, you would lose School #5 and have to register at the new school. The placement run continues over the summer - what I haven't heard yet is how many runs there will be.

    In the new system, you only need to put down the schools you actually want rather than put down 7 or however many to game the system.

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