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    SHSAT 9th grade results for 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewYorkerReadingBoricua View Post
    Does anyone know when the results will be forwarded/available? We're looking to get my son out of Midwood and into a specialized high school, and we're anxiously awaiting these results. If you have some insight on whether this is late January, or early February, we'd appreciate your help.

    Happy New Year!, and thanks...

    The scores came out at the end of February last year so I'm imagining it's probably around the same time this year. Good luck!

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    My son's school send home a notice yesterday saying results for 8th graders who took the test in 3/15. HTH.

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    My niece got into si tech with a 505

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewYorkerReadingBoricua View Post
    That's awesome, congrats! I'm still waiting for my son's scores...his school won't release his results till tomorrow...bums.
    My daughter scored a 494 but no offers... She put in for 5 but since we live in queens bk is too far....
    She will go to John Bowne for their agriculture animal studies program
    She really wanted Bronx for their animal behavior class at the Bronx zoo
    I think she will try again next year either to just so or to change schools ...

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    Smile thank you sooooo much

    gosh, that was great of you to take the time and effort to respond to me. oh yes these smart lazy kids! can't they make a class for smart lazy kids like their talented and gifted or CTT classes?

    i do a whole lot of yelling too! i get good results, i also bribe and praise it's exhausting. both my kids are what i call cumulative learners. they don't get it right away but it cycles in their brains and they have good memories and can pull the information across different subjects. once they get it they own it but the getting is torture.

    it's frustrating cause GPA is a full year average and my daughter starts off each year weak. there is always a crisis with some teacher each year. my daughter is in honors. last year she refused to do any english hw for a month. the teacher at one marking period scored her a 65 in honors. she was a double 4 on states meaning a 98 on ela states. if she has a female teacher she grades low, a male she grades high. this years ela teacher is a man so it's a 96. same turn around in math. last year 90's with a man this year 70 with a woman. so as her mother i have a hard time.

    parent teacher conferences i dread. some teachers love my kids others lecture me about their poor work effort. it;s not a subject thing either. any year any subject could be good or bad. the spanish teacher for honors sported my daughter 2 points to pass with a 65, i thanked her and got yelled at the a 65 for not acceptable for an honors student, yeah i know that but with children and their fragile egos in this politically correct world there are limitations to my being effective.

    to stop our conflict the school had a prep shsate program that i paid for. she cut out or claimed sick 3 times and told me the teacher came late and then he got fired so they had to send another teacher in. when i work with her she scores well, even this year in math she tests at 90 but when i'm replaced by her father, the teacher on recess, or her friends the grades go way down. i also got her out to a tutor 3 times for her math to prepare for the shsat. both my kids try to do math in their heads which just does not work out at this level. my son is in 6th grade in a CTT class because he hates to write and refuses to do what some of his teachers want him to. parent teacher nights are terrible.

    my sister in law prepped my nieces, a 537 and a 505. i'm kicking myself for not prepping her at home myself. i really thought the prep class could get it done for her.

    i have a doctorate, my husband has a bachelors from hunter college and he is an air traffic controller. it just is tough cause my kids want to make there own mistakes instead of avoiding them. the problem is experience comes later along with regret and hindsight. i just don't want to hear about if i'd only made sure they did more because i knew better when they are 25.

    i hate all the electronic games and TV time. its hours a day. when there dad goes to work we go on vacation from electronics unless it is school related.

    thanks again for you very appreciated reply!

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