From L.A. Daily News by Barbara Jones:
Los Angeles Unified Superintendent John Deasy has fired off a letter to the California schools chief, protesting plans to suspend many standardized exams next year while the state develops a new system of computer-based tests.

In a two-page letter dated Friday to Superintendent Tom Torlakson, Deasy said the recommendation to drop English and math tests for second-grades, and nearly all standardized exams for high-schoolers, would make it difficult to assess student progress.

The plan, Deasy said, "has implications for school districts in working with our most at-risk populations."

Torlakson did not immediately repond to a request for comment.

In a conference call with reporters last Tuesday, Torlakson outlined his recommendations to the state Legislature to reduce the number of tests in 2013-14. This would allow the state to design and implement a new set of computer-based exams aligned with the Common Core, a national curriculum rolling out the following academic year.

The state would still give English and math tests in grades 3-8 and for science in grades 5, 8 and 10, which are required by the federal government.

Deasy raised concerns last week, then formalized his objections in the letter.

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