From by Jeanmarie Evelly:
Plans for a proposed new middle school program for gifted students in District 30 are drawing ire from parents who say seats should be guaranteed to kids from Long Island City's P.S. 166, who currently have no designated placement after fifth grade.

Of the district's three gifted and talented elementary school programs, P.S. 166 students are the only ones who have not been given an automatic middle school transfer. Current students at the two other district G&T schools, P.S. 122 in Astoria and P.S. 150 in Sunnyside, have been promised spots at a popular and highly-coveted existing G&T middle school Academy at P.S. 122, where they historically matriculated.

Gifted P.S. 166 students, however as well as future G&T classes at P.S. 150 will have to reapply to the gifted program once they hit fifth grade, with their admission based on fourth grade math and English state test scores, a policy P.S. 166 parents deride as inequitable.

"We feel that all qualified children should have equal access to an appropriate middle school gifted and talented education," P.S. 166 parent Melissa Lee said at a Community Board 1 meeting Tuesday night.

P.S. 166, which started in 2010, is the newest of the three District 30 programs. But parents say they were promised their kids would be found somewhere to go after fifth grade.

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