From Aristotle Circle:

Since NYCís Gifted and Talented testing began on January 5th, there is much conflicting information regarding the method in which children are expected respond to questions. The NYC Department of Education clearly states that 4-year-olds born in 2008 will not be expected to bubble (fill in ovals with a pencil) their answers and that the test administrator will record the responses for them. However, reports from testing sites say otherwise. In short, some testing sites are requiring young children to bubble their responses while others are not. Aristotle Circleís experts advice parents to prepare for a testing situation in which your child will have to bubble responses to ensure that your child is ready. Also, you should contact your testing site if you know it, and ask for more information regarding the administration of your childís test.

Another point of controversy comes from the administration of the test to Kindergarten-2nd Grade students. In the past, certain aspects of the test were given to K-2 students in a 1:1 setting. This year, the DOE has changed this policy so that ALL aspects of the test for K-2 students are given in a small group setting. The small groups will consist of 4 children AT MOST and could consist of less than 4 children. Pre-K children will still be administered the test in a 1:1 setting.