From by Leslie Albrecht:
P.S. 118, the new K-5 school opening inside the former St. Thomas Aquinas school building at 211 Eighth St. and Fourth Avenue, will host an open house for families eager to see the facilities.

The new school was created to help ease the space crunch at overcrowded P.S 321, the zone of which will shrink this fall. P.S. 118 will serve families who live between Third and Fifth avenues, from President Street to Sixth Street (the block of Seventh Street between Third and Fourth avenues will also be in the new zone.)

Some parents were bitterly disappointed to be cut out of the zone for high-performing P.S. 321, and they've vowed to make P.S. 118 "as desirable" as P.S. 321. Parents have already formed a group, Founding Families of P.S. 118, that will become the school's PTA when it opens in the fall.

The new school's principal, Elizabeth Garraway, is scheduled to attend the open house. Garraway is currently an assistant principal at P.S. 321.

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