From Chicago Sun-Times by Fran Spielman and Lauren Fitzpatrick:
Ignoring the wishes of many South Loop parents and their alderman, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Tuesday that the old Jones College Prep High School building will not be converted to a neighborhood school but instead will double the number of students allowed to test in.

Jones College Prep students are scheduled to move a block south in the fall into a new, $115 million building, according to Chicago Public Schools. Parents in the footprint of the selective enrollment school, 606 S. State, have asked that the existing building be renovated into a school open to any child living in the neighborhood, regardless of academic prowess.

Instead, Emanuel and CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett opted to double the capacity of Jones, they said at the school Tuesday. By 2016, Jones will hold 1,700 high school students from across the city who make the academically competitive cut, with students housed in the current building and the new one. Jones has about 900 students enrolled now.

Neither the mayor nor the schools chief would answer any questions, including why they chose to ignore the community’s desires for an open-enrollment, neighborhood school.

The mayor would only say that the decision to expand Jones dovetails with his efforts to provide parents who might otherwise consider moving to the suburbs when their kids reach high school an array of high-quality education choices so they can stay in the city.

“We all know when those letters arrive, sometimes there’s a ‘For Sale’ sign. And that’s not good for the city’s future. That’s wrong,” the mayor said.

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