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    Brooklyn Latin

    Was the cutoff for Brooklyn tech really 482 cause my son got into Brooklyn Latin with that score and it was the last on his list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saraca View Post
    My son got into Stuy and Bard Queens. We can't decide.....I think I can't decide...which one?
    Bard is an excellent school, but it can't compare to Stuy. Is it the commute that's the real question?

    For future parents and kids, I'd recommend Bronx Science for Queens families who can afford the bus ($2500/yr prepaid right now). The bus commute looks much better than subway to Stuy (shorter by half for us and more conveient, controlled, private and relaxing -- less stress and time = better grades and more sleep we hope) and the school is excellent.

    We looked at the commute and had to put Bronx Science as our first choice. We were convinced after going to both open houses. Sure Stuy is excellent, but Bronx Science is excellent too. The open house at Bronx Science was much more interactive and inviting with so many open classes, presentations, demonstrations, and teachers and parents to talk to, making us more confident in the choice.

    Did you consider Bx Sci or go to the open house?

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    Very different schools. Our daughter got into Stuy and Bard Manhattan and we chose Stuy. Big mistake. She's doing great academically but the environment (huge, institutional) is not a good fit for her. Would have been much better off in the smaller Bard environment. And Bard is also an amazing school. It really depends on the commute issues and what type of environment your child will thrive in. Also, if your child is a math/science kid Stuy is the much better choice.

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    FYI, my daughter got into Brooklyn Latin with a 475.

    Quote Originally Posted by gabbamamma View Post
    Somebody was nice enough to collect the cutoff scores / results for the last couple years so I thought I'd do it this year. To help me compile the data, I'd love it if you can share your SHSAT scores or what you know to be the lowest score to gain admission to one of the specialized high schools. I'll update the list as I come across any info.

    Stuyvesant 562
    Bronx Science 513
    Brooklyn Latin 476
    Brooklyn Technical 482
    HSMSE @ CCNY 498
    HSAS @ Lehman 501
    Queens Science @ York College 512
    Staten Island Tech 505

    Stuyvesant 562
    Bronx Science 512
    Brooklyn Latin 472
    Brooklyn Technical 482
    HSMSE @ CCNY 495
    HSAS @ Lehman 502
    Queens Science @ York College ?
    Staten Island Tech 499

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    A friend of mine made it into brooklyn latin with a 473.And i made it into si tech with a 502.And also the choices effect your chance of getting into one of the schools because my friend put si tech as second and had a score of 519 but he was not accepted into anything.His first choice was stuy.

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    I can tell you with 100% certainty that either your friend did not put SI Tech down at all or he did not get a 519.

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    I don't know where the 482 came from on the list here, but it might be correct. In my test prep course, I had a student who got into Brooklyn Tech with a 484 and another student who did not with a 480. The cut-off is either 481, 482, 483, or 484. Also, did your son definitely put a check in the Brooklyn Tech box? Not all students check off all of the schools.

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    LOL, our son got into HSMSE with 546 also his second choice. From the very first high school fair we went to when he was in 7th grade I liked HSMSE and he seemed to like it as well. He got a bit of a bug for Stuy from a friend who is a sophomore there but I'm glad he wound up at a small school. My wife went to the open house last week and is now sold on HSMSE as well. I haven't heard anything bad from anyone who's gone to HSMSE or anyone who knows someone at HSMSE (I certainly can't say the same for most other schools).

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    I saw his paper he indeed scored a 519 although he could have messed up the choices.Anyways the si tech score should to a 503 and brooklyn to a 473.

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    SHSAT Cutoff Scores for 2013

    We had another successful year: over 80 students accepted to specialized high schools! Congratulations to everyone! We are still putting together data for the cutoff scores, but here is what we have so far. Please let us know if there are any inconsistencies.

    We are taking students now for the 2013-2014 prep year. The earlier you start, the better!

    Stuyvesant 562
    Bronx Science 512
    HSAS @ Lehman 501
    Staten Island Tech 502
    HSMSE @ CCNY 497
    Brooklyn Technical 484
    Queens Science @ York College 495
    Brooklyn Latin 473


    I hope that this helps.

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