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    San Francisco Private Admissions Letters 2013

    The day we've been waiting for since the whole admissions process began is finally almost here. Both the private schools and public schools will be sending out their admissions and assignment offer letters this week. Are you ready? Please share where your child got into!!

    Good luck everybody!

    I'm creating a separate thread for Public Schools since this one is already pretty long.
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    I am counting down the hours and it is going sooooooo slow. Friday can't get here fast enough!!

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    Anyone else losing sleep over this? TWO MORE DAYS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfmomsfmom View Post
    Anyone else losing sleep over this? TWO MORE DAYS!
    I'm definitely having a tough time sleeping myself. It'll either be a great start to the weekend or an anxiety ridden week getting off a waitlist.

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    Well, about 24 more hours to go in this months-long process. Good luck everybody!

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    Today's the day!!! I'm nervous, I'm excited, I don't know what I am right now.

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    When does everyone's mail come? Ours usually arrives around noon, just a few more hours to go... stressed out!

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    ours doesn't get here until later in the day. trying to keep myself out of the house so i'm not so stressed out.

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    tick tock tick tock - killing me. btw, has your preschool director tipped her hand at whether your dc got in anywhere? I think the schools should have already told them.

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    yes at SFDS, no at SFFS ...

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