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    SFUSD - Description of the Student Assignment Process

    From the SFUSD to better explain how the student assignment computer program work:


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    The real deal

    SFUSD to parents:

    We're going to set up a system of winners and losers. Either you get a school you want and win or we assign you something you really don't want (and the further the better) and you lose. No middle ground.

    If you live in "attendance areas" for schools like Clarendon or Grattan, you actually have no attendance area school as there is no way you're getting in there.

    In fact, in many cases, you are actually better off moving out of your attendance area if you want to go to your attendance area school (for Clarendon or Grattan, you actually have to).

    Here at SFUSD, we really don't care about community. We say we do, but we don't mean the community near the school. Just some idealized version of a community that we can't even articulate ourselves.

    We're going to encourage all parents to rent an apartment for three months in the poorer areas of the city to get a decent school. Because we can.

    And finally, we're going to tell you how great this system is when we really mean that we don't care about San Franciscans or their children.

    Oh, and we like to maximize parents pain and angst over the process because we are secretly a bunch of sadists who enjoy making middle class and up people squirm because they should just go to private schools or move out already.


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