This from BeyondChron's School Beat by Beth Weise, parent of two daughters in the Mandarin immersion programs at Starr King:
“Henri Matisse didn’t die when he was 32, he lived until he was 87!” my second-grader announced with much gusto over dinner the other night. This somewhat surprising statement came a week after she started talking about dots at dinner. Dots like in dim sum, she said, and dots that you paint with.

In the way of most seven-year-olds, the very round-about story finally became clear when she said they’d learned about a French man named Say-rah who painted that way. My children attend Starr King Elementary School on Potrero Hill and are both in the school’s Mandarin Immersion program. My younger daughter’s teacher, Ms. Zeng, had been teaching them about art and in that lesson “she had us make pictures with dots on the board and then we went to the back of the room to see them,” Zhou Yi (my daughter—all students in the program use a Chinese name with their Chinese teachers) told us.

When we looked up some pictures by Georges-Pierre Seurat in a book she said “Yes! That’s him!” and talked about how he did it all with dots and how died when he was 32, unlike Henri Matisse.

The dim sum comes, my 2nd grader explained, because the Mandarin word for dot is dian and as dim sum (that’s Cantonese, in Mandarin it’s dian xin, or 点心) is ‘dot-heart’ in Chinese.

The Mandarin Immersion program is one of four programs at Starr King. In Kindergarten, there are two Mandarin immersion classes, one General Education and an autism-specific Special Education program. Our school’s Spanish bilingual program is gradually being phased out and currently has a 2/3rd grade class and a 4/5th grade class.

My daughter’s story captures so much of what I love about her school Starr King...

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