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    Tips for applying to Bard High School Early College by a kid for kids

    From N.Y. Examiner by Alina Adams:
    We've heard about getting ready for the Specialized High School Test (SHSAT), now it's time for our intrepid, 8th grade guide to fill you in on what you need to know about admission to Bard High School/Early College.


    Bard High School Early College is one of the many screened and “selective” schools of New York City. This school is unique since it combines, in four years, a high school diploma and an Associates in the Arts Degree. This school is actually two schools or two campuses, one on the Lower East Side in Manhattan and one in Long Island City in Queens. In order to be considered for admission, you must take an assessment test.

    The assessment test is 90 minutes long with two sections: writing and math. First things first, sign up for the test. To sign up, go to http://bhsec.bard.edu/admission/ and sign up on the day after Labor Day, right before you start eight (or ninth) grade, otherwise you may not get a spot.

    Next you must learn about the test; I will tell you what you need to know.

    read more>>

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    The "read more" link at the end of your post is broken. I would love to know more about the test.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marianthy View Post

    The "read more" link at the end of your post is broken. I would love to know more about the test.

    Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately, the source of the article has changed its website and the article can no longer be found.

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    To learn more about Bard High School admissions, and in particular what is known about the test, click here, or visit url:


    Bard does not provide samples of the admissions test so this info is gathered from students who have gone though the admissions screening process over the years.

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    Hi! Is anyone here going to Bard Early College in the Manhattan campus?

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    hi if you are still wondering, I am currently a bard manhattan student.

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    What was the test like?

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    theres a math and english section. Math has pre algebra-fractions, adding subtracting variables, radicals. For the english section I had to read a passage and then respond in an essay.

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    The math section was a basic review of math concepts from 7th Grade. And the writing measure how creative you can get. For the interview, you shouldn't overdress and makes sure to act casual. They'll mainly focus on how you can collaborate with others and resolve problems. I got accepted into Bard Manhattan last year but declined the offer since I saw a better option.

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