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    Which (mainstream) schools do a good job of including kids on the spectrum? ADHD? etc?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm aware that this thread may generate a lot of discussion about who does a poor job of including kids who are on the autism spectrum, have ADHD, learning differences, or other challenges. That's OK too!

    But I'd especially love to hear from you about schools (public or private) that do a good job of supporting kids with "invisible special needs" and educating their classmates about how to work well together.

    My son's school isn't particularly known for inclusion of kids with special needs, but I wrote this post about a really inspiring moment created by the school counselor, who saw an opportunity and went with it!


    Kelly Priest

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    Nice to see you on here, Kelly! Here are my two cents:

    1) New Roads has the spectrum program for high-functioning kiddos with Autism: https://www.newroads.org/programs/the-spectrum-program

    2) Campbell Hall has a SOLID Educational Support Services department led by Courtney Behrenhausen: http://www.campbellhall.org/elementa...ces/index.aspx

    3) Oaks Christian has a surprising amount of LD-support thanks to Laurie Hagberg: http://www.oakschristian.org/directo...ryModuleID=336

    4) Bridges Academy is fantastic for 2e kids - although I know they're in the process of some administrative upheaval: http://www.bridges.edu/

    5) The Center for Early Education has two full-time support staff for LD kiddos - Lisa Hillman and Pat Sands. Both ladies are super-sweet and know their stuff!

    6) Stephen S. Wise's partnership with USC's Rossier School of Education is creating a pretty awesome space for differentiated education: http://www.wiseelementary.org/USCandWise/

    7) Our ed therapy consultant/founder, Carolyn McWilliams, works part-time at Seven Arrows Elementary in the Palisades, so I imagine it's pretty LD friendly.

    Let me know if you want to chat more!


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