From S.F. Examiner by Andrea Koskey:
The San Francisco Unified School District will see an increase in funding of roughly $4,000 per pupil over the next seven years now that the California budget has been approved.

The increase is a dramatic shift in the way schools have been funded, and it will give districts more control over the money.

Under the budget, which still needs to be signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, school funding would increase by $1 billion to $2.6 billion, which means base funding for districts statewide would grow. Additionally, schools serving a high number of low-income and English-language learners would see more cash.

The SFUSD, with an estimated 64 percent of its roughly 51,000 students considered low income or English learners, would see base funding increase this fall by $300. But over the next seven years, funding would grow from $7,313 this coming school year to $11,233 by the 2020-21 school year, according to the state Department of Finance.

Last week, San Francisco school officials began discussing its $378 million budget, which included some increased state funding figures. But this extra money will be a "huge relief," officials said.

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