From L.A. Daily News by Barbara Jones:
Los Angeles Unified's teacher's union gave Superintendent John Deasy failing marks in its first ever "performance evaluation" of a schools chief, with the lowest scores for staff morale and smart spending.

The results were released Thursday by United Teachers Los Angeles President Warren Fletcher, who told reporters the 25-question evaluation was designed to provide the school board with "meaningful data" it could use in its own evaluation of Deasy.

"We believe that the people in the classrooms -- the classroom teachers, the people who are directly impacted by the superintendent's decisions -- are the people who are in the best position to tell whether the superintendent's leadership is working," Fletcher said.

Nearly 8,500 of UTLA's 33,000 members -- or 26 percent -- returned the survey, which asked them to rank Deasy on a scale of one (poor) to five (excellent). The superintendent received an overall score of 1.36 from the nearly 8,050 respondents who answered that question.

In a phone interview, Deasy said he was reviewing the results of the evaluation, which was posted at

"I take all information seriously and look forward to learning from all data in the district -- this included," he said.

The evaluation was conducted in early May, just two weeks after 16,040 teachers gave Deasy a vote of no confidence in another poll conducted by UTLA.

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