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    Gifted & Talented Admissions for the 2014-2015 School Year

    The DOE has made available the G&T Application Handbooks for the 2014-2015 school year on its website.
    • The deadline to submit your Request for Testing (RFT) form is November 8, 2013. You can access the form here.
    • For key dates related to the G&T admissions process and the upcoming G&T information sessions, see the Calendar and Events page.
    The handbook provides a more detailed explanation of how the G&T test scores are calculated. Unlike last year, the DOE will be using a 50/50 split for the nonverbal assessment (NNAT) and the verbal assessment (OLSAT) to derive the overall G&T percentile rank.

    The sibling priority will remain the same this year, which means:
    • Applicant will be granted sibling priority only if the sibling is pre-registered or enolled in the school for kindergarten through 5th grade.
    • Siblings scoring in 97th percentile or higher will be placed first and ranked by percentiles for Citywide programs. For district-wide programs, siblings scoring 90th percentile or higher will be placed first.
    • After eligible sibling applicants have been placed, applicants without a sibling will then be placed in the order of their percentile rank.

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    Any words on when are they releasing the G&T test results?
    Some schools already scheduling open house as early as April 7th.

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    The only thing I saw on the DOE website says early April. I'm guessing early next week?

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    which schools

    Which schools are scheduling tours already? where do you find this information?

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    It's school by school. once the scores are released, a lot of the school sites will post open house information.

    Brooklyn School of Inquiry is hosting open houses on 4/7 and 4/8

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    None of the Manhattan citywide schools have updated with anything date specific.

    It would be nice to have the results by this weekend.

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    Did anyone hear or receive anything yet?

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    nothing yet.

    Last year it came on a Saturday morning (3:30 AM on 4/6).
    We received an email with a unique pin to unlock the letter on their site.

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    I may not even open my daughter's results. I haven't recovered from last year's rollercoaster and now that she's going into first grade the odds are ridiculous.

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    thats what ive been hearing but still hoping for the best. someone also said they got there results on a sat at 2am with a pin. my guess is they are prob waiting for the city tests to be over with?

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