From L.A. Daily News:
Only a minority of Los Angeles Unified School District teachers strongly favors proceeding with the $1 billion iPad program.

In an effort to determine how the iPad rollout is going and how to improve it, a Board of Education member and employees union conducted surveys of teachers and administrators, the Los Angeles Times reported. Their anonymous responses: Just 36 percent of teachers strongly favored continuing the effort, while 90 percent of administrators felt the same.

Few question the goal of supplying and properly using up-to-date technology. Schools Superintendent John Deasy has pushed hard for the tablets, calling it a civil rights imperative to give all students access to technology used by the more affluent.

But problems plagued the project from the start. When the first group of campuses received the tablets this fall, more than 300 students at three high schools almost immediately removed security filters so they could freely browse the Internet. All of the students at these schools had to surrender the tablets.

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