As existing Cassidy parents (where the lead staff at Piperrecently came from), we initially truly liked the administration, but feel that later on once the director Crystal decided to leave (many months before she actuallyleft), their true colors showed through, and we did not like what we saw.

We do not believe the staff at Piper Preschool had the best interests of our family at heart and a number of others we have spoken to agree.

We feel very strongly the need to share our experience with parents as we don’t want what happened to us to happen to them.

If you feel Piper is the right school for you, then by all means go there. But if it were us, we would want to walk into the situation with our eyes open.

In a nutshell, it appears that the part owners Crystal and Jesse got into some kind of financial dispute with the majority owners. Then they announced their departure only 2 days before school closed for the summer with a terse, out of the blue email that explained very little. And shocked most of us as they had always acted like they were the owners of the school.

Their actions since that email as sad as it is to say, seem aimed at creating a lot of upset and confusion for the families and remaining staff. And their claim of “We’ve seen how friends become family” really does not sit well with us. They did not treat our family nor a myriad of other families that way.

You will find at Cassidy a school a number of parents andteachers who feel betrayed and abandoned by the selfish actions of Crystal and Jesse and many whom would never go to Piper. We are one of those families.

Weare curious as to whether the staff at Piper have disclosed to prospective parents that

They are in the midst of a lawsuit surrounding the Piper space

That in their own prospectus they allocated $300,000 towards said lawsuit

They secretly built Piper while being partowners (and employed by) of Cassidy (i.e. we don’t like what thatsays about their integrity and values)

This is information we would want to know beforemaking a decision on which preschool to choose.

If you are looking at Piper, we suggest you consider the following:

seek out Cassidy parents and ask them about what happened and how they feel about it

Read the 100+ page lawsuit which is publicrecord called Michael A Liberty, Brittany S Abbass, Brentwood Investments, LLCvs Crystal Biltz, Jesse Bilts, Biltz Properties LLC….

Think about what it says about Crystal and Jesse that while they were employed at Cassidy, and part owners of Cassidy, they spent months secretly building Piper

Instead of devoting their full energy to looking after our kids, they were building Piper

Ask yourself: Can my tuition money disappear ifit gets embroiled into said lawsuit?

It has recently come out that Crystal had an“inner circle” parents she favored whom she accepted valuable gifts from, invitedto her house for alcohol fueled parties, gave the coveted morning spots to, andpromised coveted elementary school placements to -are those the actions you valuein a preschool director?

What’s to stop Crystal and Jesse from takingoff again if they get in a disagreement with their current financial backers?

In what way do you think then they will run Piper?