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    2014 San Francisco Public School Placement Letters Round 1

    Letters will be going out tomorrow 3/14 and hopefully we'll all receive good news on Saturday after stalking the mailman. Please share which school your child was assigned to, where it ranked for you and how many schools you ranked.

    Good luck!

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    If your school offer letter does not arrive by Tuesday, March 18, 2014, you may go in-person to the Educational Placement Center (555 Franklin Street) to find out what your school offer on Wednesday, March 19, 2014. You will need to provide TWO (2) documents for proof of address.

    The EPC will not assist anyone who has not received a letter until Wednesday, 3/19/14.

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    Listed 12 schools but got shut out of those. Received Cobb, which seems to be the catch all for those who didn't receive a school on their list. Will have to try for round 2 depending on how next week goes with the independents.

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    Just got our letter - had to restrain myself from attacking the mailman. Super excited to get Peabody, our attendance area school. Good luck to everyone still waiting for their mail!

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    Over the moon we got West Portal! Put down 10 schools, including Clarendon and Alice Fong Yu at the top, but getting West Portal is about as good as we hoped for.

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    We got our 2nd choice, which was West Portal. We listed 16 schools.

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    I put CIS as my first choice and I got the letter today telling me my child is going to CIS. Good luck to everyone.

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    Seeing how people are getting a choice they wanted, I was cautiously hopeful that we'd get a decent choice as well. But no suck luck. We went 0 for 15 and got assigned to a school we could not see not possibly see ourselves sending our child to. I'm hoping we'll have better luck with the private schools.

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    Weird, we didn't get the offer letter today. Did anybody else have this issue too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by baysanders View Post
    Weird, we didn't get the offer letter today. Did anybody else have this issue too?
    They sent it out yesterday and I'm guessing depending on where you live, you either receive it today or Monday.

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