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    We're sending in our deposit check to Live Oak on Monday and releasing a spot at Friends. Good luck to those families still looking for a spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holakids View Post
    Hamlin or MCDS. Tough choice. Which has stronger academics and diversity?
    We decided to go with Hamlin. The campus for MCDS is amazing but we had a tough time getting over the bus thing. Plus, we love Wanda's vision and commitment to diversity, the rigor of the curriculum and how happy and engaged the girls are whenever we see the school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holakids View Post
    Hamlin and SFDS seem so different. What did you like about Hamlin?
    I would echo what baysanders said about Hamlin. Both SFDS and Hamlin have great, visionary head of schools and well thought, challenging curriculum, which is why we thought those two were the best schools for what we were looking for. What tipped the scale in Hamlin's favor was that the girls there seemed so confident in themselves and were really excited to be at school. Nevertheless, we're very happy that we were able to get one of the two.

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    Lat week we received letters notifying us that we were put on the wait list at Cathedral, Stuart Hall, and Marin Prep.

    But we were accepted at our first choice: Kittredge!
    So very relieved and excited about Kindergarten.

    Best wishes to those still awaiting their outcomes.
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