From S.F. Gate by Jill Tucker:
Dozens of San Francisco special-education teachers and teachers aides were told this month that they will have to pack up and move to another school next year, a devastating upheaval for many with strong ties to their students and their campus.

But district officials said the hassle and headaches associated with the reassignments of teachers and aides is worth it.

It will mean that instead of assigning students based on their disabilities to particular schools to be with specially trained teachers, the teachers will follow the children to their schools of choice, Superintendent Richard Carranza said.

And many of those students will spend more time, if not all their time, in regular classrooms as students who just happen to need some extra help.

It's a major shift in how and where San Francisco offers special-education services to the nearly 7,000 students who need them.

The changes have been five years in the making and mean that instead of offering programs at certain schools for, say, hearing-impaired students or those with cerebral palsy, the services they need are available at all schools.

But change rarely comes without controversy.

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