From by Sophia Hollander:
Several of the city's top private schools have added a new five- to seven-minute experimental test for kindergarten applicants.

At least 10 schools, including the Dalton School, Poly Prep Country Day School and Marymount School, will require applicants to take the Kindergarten Readiness Task, a "content-free" assessment via iPad that is designed to evaluate cognitive skills.

The tests are being given as part of a pilot program run by an association of the city's independent schools and researchers from the University of Minnesota.

Test results will be used for research purposes, not in admissions decisions, according to the website of the Independent Schools Admissions Association of Greater New York. Officials at the association didn't return emails or phone calls for comment.

The new test adds another layer of complexity to an increasingly fragmented admissions process in the city's private schools. After eliminating the standardized test in place since 1966, the Early Childhood Admissions Assessment, commonly known as the ERB, schools have begun customizing their own replacements.

Some have decided to retain the original test. Others, including Horace Mann and Riverdale Country School, have adopted a new iPad-administered test run by the Educational Records Bureau. Some schools accept test results but don't require them.

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