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    middle school zoning

    We just moved here from the west coast. I'm nervous about starting the middle school search and I'm not even sure where to begin: do we have a zoned middle school? There's one down the street so I'm thinking we must be zoned for that. Any advice about middle school would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you. JKB

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    It depends on what school district that you live within. You can find out that information most reliably at your local zoned elementary (even if your child is not attending, call the main desk and ask for help. Those secretaries have a lot of knowledge). Many districts have district wide middle school choice. There is a touring/ranking/placement process that begins in the fall of 5th grade. Some districts have a combination of zoned and selective programs. Many require the kids to register to take the OLSAT test early in 5th grade for entry into the school at 6th grade. There are borough wide and city wide middle school programs that you can also try for. Whatever your situation, this is practice for the much more challenging and high stakes city wide high school choice process. It seems crazy, but there is a lot of good that comes with the choice and it is a widely known fact that the college search is a breeze once you have run the gauntlet of NYC high school choice.
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    Thanks so much for your fast reply! For the borough wide and city wide middle school programs- do I need to take the OLSAT for those as well as for the zoned and selective programs? Should I just assume my daughter should take the OLSAT no matter what? What's the best way for a newcomer to learn which middle schools I should be looking at? Sorry for all the questions...finally- do a lot of Brooklyn kids commute to their middle school (like out of neighborhood or even in the city?) Thanks, JKB

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    You don't need to take the OLSATs (in fact it is kind of hard to do so) if you live outside of a district that administers them. If you live in a district that regularly gives the OLSAT, your child will need to register to take it to be eligible for the "honors" programs within your zone. The "school based application schools" (the ones open to wider geographic areas) will take whatever testing you have; the state tests, ERBs, etc. as well as the report cards, graded work, etc.
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    Thanks so much. JKB

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