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    Townsend Harris vs. Bronx Science

    my daughter was accepted into both Brx Sci and Townsend… any opinions/thoughts on which is better? Commute for either is not an issue… which is recognized more favorable by colleges?
    thank you!

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    Both are well-known schools. I picked Stuy over TH because all my friends go to Stuy and I don't want to be left alone.

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    LOL.. tellevery1.. nycgal72 is asking about Bronx Sciene vs Townsend Harris.. not Stuyvesant vs Townsend Harris . =). But I also did know students who actually wanted to go to Townsend but he did not get in, but he got into Stuy...so he is going to Stuy.

    Anyways, for nycgal, is your kids into STEM stuff.. if so Bronx Science will probably be better as the name also already saids it. If your kid is into humanities, like my kid, then THHS is a no brainer.
    I'm not sure about colleges but I would think kids who are in BSHS and interested in tech will apply to places like MIT. For townsend, kids do get into harvard, but popular Ivy League is Cornell and Yale.

    My cousin graduated from Townsend Harris (he picked THHS over Bronx science due to proximity of THHS as he is from Queens) and got into University of Pennsylvania CS program..and now works at some computer company earning about I think 120k starting salary as a software developer just very recently.


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