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    G&T Results 2015-16 school year

    Anyone know if they are coming out this weekend? I know a lot of the citywides have already set dates for their tours and applications have to be in April 23 so I'm guessing results have to be anytime from Friday 3 through Friday 10.
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    We are also awaiting the results.. hope it will be released soon..

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    Also anxiously waiting here. Haven't heard of anyone getting results yet. Please post if you know when they have started going out.

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    Also waiting! All their site says is early April, which is different than what it says for Kindergarten admissions. For general admissions they just say "The week of April 13th." I believe they will go out before then since having 10 days to decide and submit apps is not enough time!

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    rego_mom are you guys from Rego park?

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    lunacarellz , yes we are from Rego Park.. : )

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    Neat! We are also from the corona/Rego park area! Are you looking at neighborhood schools for g&t?

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    lunacarellz, yes..the nearest for us is PS 174.. after all everything depends on results.

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    We are also waiting... last year it was released on a Friday so hoping we'll all know today. But given that it's a 3 day holiday weekend, it may mean nothing will happen until Monday.

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    4/8 you will starting to receive the mail , I think ! I remembered last year I got the password on 8 April 2014.
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