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    Quote Originally Posted by FGCHmom View Post
    D13 99 K, 99 1st

    NEST/Anderson/BSI/PS 9/TAG

    Loved BSI and TAG but obviously hard to get to (esp. TAG). evidently we should keep an eye out for jdschwarz--
    What are you going to do if your K gets a spot at Anderson or any other of the citywides, but your 1st grader doesn't? I ask because we were in a similar boat (K and 3rd grade) and I nixed Anderson and NEST for just that reason. Sibling preference attaches once you preregister your K, but by that point all the spots will be filled already. This process is so stressful if you have two kids!

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    Seriously stressful if you have two kids. If you "private message" me I'd be happy to compare notes. Haven't done this but I see a link up top. Somebody at the PACE night was helpful on this point. Nothing that fixes the sibling preference only after registration problem of course.

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    p.s. Enjoying that we're (all) in this special circumstance in which "rank in your order of preference" breaks down, no matter what they tell you.

    Crossing fingers for you for Q300. Seems like a great place. We very sadly ruled it out as (way) too far from our particular jobs, but were really into the "progressive citywide" idea and the people we met there.

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    Sorry- the original post was from 2015. (this thread started in 2015) Q300 has 7 seats for siblings this year. Best of luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by technomaster View Post
    District 2 - Kindergarten
    NEST+M, Anderson, Lower Lab, Tag, PS11, PS33

    Based on the rankings, if we pick late enough in the lottery to miss on NEST+M, likely all the seats at Anderson will be gone. We'll have new life again for Lower Lab (as a D2-only school), failing that, we'll bank on lower demand for TAG than the other citywides, before PS11. It's unlikely that the lottery goes down to PS33.

    We had 2 points of deliberation.

    LL vs TAG. We liked TAG a lot vs LL (and even vs Anderson), but it's farther, has relatively small classrooms, and seemingly the most room for PTA improvement.

    I also toyed with ranking PS 33 above PS 11. I think once the 2015 5th grade scores are reported, PS33 is going to make a major leap in school rankings, I didn't want to risk making any changes on the last day. Plus I still am in love with the specials at PS 11 (the pool and keyboarding in particular). Still, the teachers @ PS33 were extremely impressive and the art/writing/everything on the walls was great.

    I'll also add that we we're waitlisted (likely) at Success Academy Union Square and we'll be checking that out in the next couple of weeks.

    Good luck all. A month from now, we'll have to revisit the actually results.
    Hi - we are also D2 for 158 and debated with 11/33, putting 11 first. What school are you zoned for and do you think you'll do the commute to 11/33 if the gened option is good?

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