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    PS 41 versus PS 11/33 g&t

    Hi, we have a seat at PS 41 (zoned school) but are also looking into g&t options (99% score). On the g&t side we have 1. Nest+m, 2. Anderson, 3. PS 11, 4. PS 33. We would take Nest+m or Anderson over PS 41 should we be lucky enough to get seats at either, but we are not sure what we would choose if it comes down to PS 41 vs PS 11/33 g&t. Does anyone have any advice to offer?

    (Part of the problem we are having in comparing PS41 to PS 11/33 g&t is that when we look at school scores and other info, we are only finding scores for PS 11 and PS 33 that lump their g&t and gen ed programs together. So we can't even find any info directly comparing PS 41 to PS 11/33 *g&t* specifically.)

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    So what did you decide? We also enrolled your twins at PS41 with 99% score. We decided not to rank 11/33(ranked in 200) whereas PS41 is ranked 11. We ranked 1)Anderson 2) Nest+m and 3) LL. Nice to find someone who was in the same boat as us. PS41 is a great backup school option.

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    Ps11 G&T vs PS41 Gen Ed

    Hello, we are trying to choose school out of the PS11 Gifted & Talented and PS 41 general education. Both the schools are in our neighborhood, we got an offer from PS 11 and accepted. But we heard great things about PS 41 general education also. Got an offer from there as well haven’t accepted yet. My Child is going to be one of the oldest kids in the class so I’m sure he’s gonna feel bored in general education. But do you think PS41 gen Ed is going to be challenging enough for the child who likes to learn faster? I have heard that PS11 doesn’t have a very rigorous gifted and talented program. We have heard that gifted and talented programs at PS 11 is not one of the best in the city as of today and the principal doesn’t care much about differentiating gifted and talented program from the general education program. Not sure if that’s true. Would really appreciate if you could advise what made you decide for PS 11 versus VS PS41? Looking for advice from parents who have been in the same boat. We had received an offer from PS33 G&T as well but we decided not to go for that since it’s a little far from my place as well as we didn’t hear very good things about the school location and the teachers etc.

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    Hi, I just got an offer from PS41. Had got offer from both PS 11 and 33. Decide to stick with PS 33 as they are more academically oriented, more focused on the G&T and also due to the construction at PS 11. Now got an offer from PS 41 and am wondering like you which to go for. Wanted to know if you got any more info and what did you do?

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    Hi, We just got an offer for PS 41. Had previously got offer for G&T PS 11 and 33. I decided to stick to PS 33 as they believe more in G&T. Was wondering where did you ultimately and how was the experience.

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    PS41 Gerenal Ed Vs. PS11 G&T

    Havenít decided yet.
    Why do you think PS33 is better than PS11, or PS41? Curious.
    I heard PS11 G&T is not so great but not sure how and who can compare.


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