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    There needs to be more done about bullying.

    I just read at least 5 youtube comments on a video where a youngster had killed himself after being video taped masturbating in a school restroom and bullied, and the 5 comments I speak of, the posters all said they are in school and being bullied and thinking about killing themselves. A few of them said they told the principal and their family and nothing is done about it still and they feel the world would be a better place if they kill themselves. This is egregious and ridiculous. It's time to grow a backbone and do your job and weed out these problem children. The problem is evidently in the administration not being willing to handle this the right way with a hardline stance with a zero tolerance policy against known bullies. Once a person is found to be a bully they should be expelled immediately. School officials need to stop being pussies, tell these parents "Look, your kid is a little freaking brat, and an utter liability to the other kids who are here to actually learn, we are expelling him or her and you will just have to find another school that will give them a chance" put the pressure back on the parents where it belongs to get it right, they will only be able to be expelled from oh so many schools before they wont be able to get an education, teach your kids some manners and beat some sense and respect for others into them with a plethora of spankings or accept that they will be the one not getting educated and be the one who is the actual misfit in society then. Teachers should be more than willing to get this handled and get rid of the children that are actually the ones causing the problems.

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    Kids need to be spanked. I got spanked and I'll never forget it. I helped, in middle school, escalate an argument into a fight on a bus. I wasn't in the fight but I was just as guilty as a bully because I kept it going. I was paddled for my role and I'll never forget the paddling NOR will I ever forget the lesson.

    It's like all the kids who always said "When I am older, I'll let my kids do whatever they want!" actually live by that philosophy and won't take responsibility themselves. People are WAY too sensitive. Somebody is absolutely going to be offended by this reply and the op's post. Grow up into that spine our parents and grandparents tried to instill in us.


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