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    Mark Twain parents of Creative Writing kids

    I'd like to know if you can post information about the Creative Writing talent test at Mark Twain M.S. Can you tell me what it contains? Do the kids get a chance to pick a nonfiction or fiction piece to write about? Does anyone know what the rubric states? Any links to DOE info would be helpful, or even better, anything from personal experience...I haven't found that much online. Thanks!

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    I was disappointed when no one responded to my thread...but regardless, my daughter just got accepted into Mark Twain for Creative Writing/Journalism with a 90. I know my daughter's a talented writer, and her grades are super high (98 average). And I had some worries just because I'm a father and commiserating with someone on a personal level would have been great. Now that I'm an experienced "Mark Twain" parent, I'll respond to anyone who wants a word. Luck to everyone else who'll be in my position in the future. Much luck.

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    Round 1 was hard enough, the wait for Round 2 is even worse. The DOE website says May but are not specific on a date. I'd heard May 6th or so, but in years gone by it's been around the 12-14. Does anybody know for this year?


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