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    Private Schools and Scholarships for G&T Students

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    Private school financial aid is need-based. Most of the kids in the top schools score in the highest percentiles just in order to get admitted, so if your child is admitted and you qualify, they will get financial aid. That said, I believe the new BASIS school in Red Hook has merit-based scholarships for middle school. Will you be applying next year for Kindergarten or 1st grade? Remember, the age cut-offs are different, so your child might need to "repeat" K (which is really repeating in name only, as the curriculum is different). Private school Kindergarten apps for 2016 were due in December, though, and there are much fewer spots in 1st grade, but some schools do have room after the initial notification period.

    Good luck!

    PS: I do free podcasts on Getting Into NYC Kindergarten, which cover all of the above and more at: www.AlinaAdams.com/podcast.html

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    You should try Williamsburg Northside School in Williamsburg. They just moved to a big new building and might have spots with financial aid.

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