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    Have you received confirmation of your G&T test date?

    I haven't received anything yet. Is it just me being paranoid or have others not received theirs yet?

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    You typically do not receive this information until some time in December, maybe January, depending on if your child is currently in a public school or attending a CBO (based on my experience). RFT's are still being submitted - so DOE obviously cannot set dates for everyone yet.

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    That would make sense the DOE waits until after all the requests have been submitted to send out the confirmation. Tx. Btw, what is CBO?

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    Community-based organizations. Even though the RFT's may be due in November, you'll still be waiting a long time to get any response - it's such a LONG process! Unfortunately you'll have to get used to that (that includes test scores, application results, etc.)

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    Ah. The waiting a long time part - I'm guessing that's life with DOE? Tx for setting my expectations on the process so I'm not driving myself crazy.

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    LOL, yes, welcome to the public school system. Even though you may be aware of the timeline, it doesn't stop it from being annoying or driving you crazy! I speak from experience on that. From submitting the RFT in November to receiving an offer in June...

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    Wow - I'm in for a long bumpy ride... Well, you'll probably see me asking more stupid questions so tx for being patient with my first one!

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    If your child is attending a public prek, their testing will take place in their school with someone other than their teacher. If they attend a CBO (as mommylok said a Community Based Organization) they will get a weekend testing date at another location. CBO is a fancy way of saying any other private or subsidized preschool program that is not in a public school. If you submitted the RFT online you should have recieved a confirmation email that the request had been submitted. I recommend that you keep that in a safe place, along with copies of all other forms that you may submit - if your child scores into the program, make sure to save a copy of your ranked choices and your acceptance of any seat offered. Word to the wise.
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    You guys have been so helpful. Thank you! Good that I'm organized coz it seems that's what I'll need to be to stay on top of the process.

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    I just received email confirmation of the date/place I requested for G&T testing - phew. Thank you all again for helping me cope with my neurosis.

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