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    Anderson vs NEST vs Lower Lab vs PS41

    My twins scored 99% in the G&T. Our first choice would be Anderson or NEST+m. I think we will not opt for TAG (Don't like their teacher/ student ratio and other things). We are zoned for PS41 which is a great school. Should we chose Lower Lab as our third option or should we stick to PS41. I would love your feedback. We missed lower lab open-house.

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    Lots of factors to consider. If you are unwilling to move, or schlep your twins to from GV to East 96th or send them on a hour plus bus ride twice a day, then don't pref LL.

    If your kids got un-prepped 99s and are the type of gifted kids that have an insatiable desire to learn or get completely board or frustrated if they are not challenged, or they have some of the quirks often associated with giftedness that need to be understood and accommodated by their teachers, then don't send them to PS41, the school will not be able to meet their needs except perhaps in reading which is pretty easy to differentiate

    If that is the case, you might want to consider adding PS11 G&T and/or PS33 G&T which would pretty much guarantee someone with a 99 a spot and both schools are really close to you. PS11 has really dynamic principal and a good AP as well (haven't met their teachers). It is very arts focused and their philosophy is that Gen Ed and G&T get the same education by individualizing for everyone, but your kid will not be working multiple grade levels ahead there but will likely get more depth of understanding on the same topics covered by gen ed. PS 33 is more willing to accelerate and curriculum compact. I think their administration is not as dynamic as ones at some of the other schools, but their Kinder teachers really wowed us. So perhaps the principal's strength is not personal presence but ability to hire and retain exceptional teachers. PS 33 has teaching assistants up to 2nd grade, PS 11 has no TAs, but a few extra full time teachers, but they are spread across a number of classes so a class might get an hour a day with an extra teacher.

    If your kids are more about friends,smart, but not intensely driven to learn, perhaps they prepped for the G&T and would have gotten 90s or 95s without it, then stick with PS 41, There are lots of smart kids in that zone


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