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    If LL had a middle school, the entire Upper East Side will pick it as 1st choice. It is a district 2 exclusive and the waiting list is a mile long. No one ever get in from other districts.

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    Hi - we are debating the reverse commute - from a good D2 program to PS 11 G&T. Are you still leaning towards a commute. It is such a hard decision to make whether to subject a young one for the next six years to a long commute without knowing if the programs will be much different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunjanprakash View Post
    We live on Mercer Street, and 8th and our Twins got LL. We selected Anderson, NEST, and LL. I also did not attend the LL open house and kind of disappointed for not selected for Citywide schools. There is a bus which picks the kids close to where we live. They are currently enrolled at PS41.
    PS 41 is a very good school. Do the parents think the commute to LL is worth it?

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    I just enrolled the kids at LL. It is only 23 to 30 min to lower lab from my apt by train and 15 to 20 min walk with kids to PS41. Everyone has good things to say about Lower Lab. Therefore, we are hoping it is worth it.

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    Could someone please share if there is any link of the discussion on after school program in LL? Thanks!

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    Dear current PS77 LL parents,

    Would you please share your kids experience and your insights at PS77? How is the after School programs? Much appreciated!

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    I guess I subscribed to this thread a few years back when my daughter just got in! For what it's worth, we couldn't be happier. The families are wonderful, the staff is caring and responsive, and while the curriculum is accelerated, I don't think my daughter has felt pressure at all. Our daughter could barely read going into kindergarten, and by the middle-end of 1st grade she was devouring Harry Potter books. Homework does supposedly take a leap next year, so that might change some.

    As to the after school program, it is very well received. It does only go until 5pm, but it's affordable compared to other programs around. Some families do the 92Y program which picks up from Lab, but it's pricey. The fall after school brochure is up on the PTA's website if you're curious about what's being offered. The offerings can change from semester to semester, and year to year, based on parent feedback and enrollment.

    The chess program is amazing. Lots of kids do it, and they've won a bunch of state and national tournaments. Happy to answer any other questions you might have!

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    For those who worry about travel time. My experience is that, you and the kid will get used to it. We live in midtown west, and not hesitate to go to PS77, it takes a M42 and a Q train to get to school. The travel time isn't as bad as it sounds. it about 30 minutes. Kid can read or have breakfast during that time. The subway is close to school , to me it is easier to get to LL then to NEST

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    Hi Simbapenn & Kllai

    Thank you so much for your info. That's so so so helpful...

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    Did you end up going to LL? How do you like it? How is the commute from Gramercy? Do you bus or subway?

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