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    Parents Considering Lower Lab (PS 77)

    Daughter scored 99 on the G&T test for Kindergarten. We live near United Nations and ranked Anderson, NEST, LL, Tag, PS 11, and finally, PS 33.

    Spouse and I attended the open houses for all of the above and LL really stood out for us. We are happy with the result but a little disappointed that we didn't get into a citywide school and have to go through this whole crazy and daunting process again for middle school. NEST would have been perfect for us logistically and we already know so many other NEST families and kids.

    I want to create a new thread for all other parents considering LL. Where do you live and how did you rank the school? What is the likelihood that you will be accepting the placement? For those who live outside of walking distance, will you be taking the school bus? What are parents plans for after school?

    Would love to start our own LL network for new students. Looking forward to hearing from all of you!
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    Hi I am in the same boat. My daughter scored 99 on the G&T test for K and ranked Anderson, NEST, LL, PS 33, and ps 11. I have not attended the LL open house and kind of disappointed for not selected for Citywide schools.

    We live in Gramercy Park . I am leaning toward LL over ps 40, our zoned school. We also get an offer from Success Academy in Union Square. Trying to make up mind to decide.

    I am thinking of either bus ( 101,102 or 103) or subway ( 6 train) for commuting if we send daughter to LL.

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    We live on Mercer Street, and 8th and our Twins got LL. We selected Anderson, NEST, and LL. I also did not attend the LL open house and kind of disappointed for not selected for Citywide schools. There is a bus which picks the kids close to where we live. They are currently enrolled at PS41.

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    We also received a spot at Success Academy in Union Square. I think it's a great school but it is very focused on academics and testing. I like Lower Lab because I feel the school offers a lot more than academics. All the kids we met at the Lower Lab Open House were very impressive. They were poised, interactive and spoke thoughtfully and intelligently. Our backup school is our zoned school PS 281 - River School (diverse UN families, wonderful new facility but no track record). We are very happy with our Lower Lab placement but if we're offered a spot to NEST off the wait list, I think we would take it.

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    gunjanprakash - are you leaning towards PS41 or LL? Your location is conveniently located to the 6 train so the commute shouldn't be too bad. We too are disappointed we didn't get into one of 2 citywide schools we ranked above LL but then we think about families with 99 scores who didn't get any G&T placement...

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    I feel the same way about SA ; seems great school but focus is on Academic and testing. I feel better about LL now after I hear about the kids you met. Yes, I should be grateful with at least getting offer. Nest+M would be perfect as her grandparents live in lower east side and they have K-12. I am already thinking ahead of middle school as LL only provides up to 5th grade like most of elementary schools. Not ready for gruesome process.

    Have you called/emailed Gina for pre-registration? I am waiting to get response to make appointment.

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    My daughter was placed at lower lab (ranked 3rd after anderson and nest.) We are very happy with the placement, but would take our top choices if offered. The school has a great track record and the students available to answer questions at the tour were very impressive. They also seemed excited about going to a different middle school and did not appear to be stressed out about the process. In fact they seemed quite confident. I think it worries parents more than the kids. We live on the upper east side and this school is the most convenient for us, but we will likely have her take the yellow school bus. I know many families that prefer lower lab over any other school due to it's district priority and a more neighborhood feel.

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    toto1227 and skl17- we are def registering kids at LL unless we hear from city-wide schools (pipe dream). It is nice to know that you guys live close to us. Is anyone planning to take the school bus? We will miss the summer fling and picnic next week (we are going on a vacation for five weeks starting next week). Hopefully, we will get to meet you guys before the school starts or if not during the school. I have twins, therefore, they will be in different classes.

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    Hi! Dad checking in here. Our daughter was placed at and will be attending Lower Lab. We ranked Lab #1, as we're on the Upper East Side, and honestly, I just liked the school better than Anderson, NEST, or TAG even after touring them all. Test scores between them all are basically a wash, it's easier for siblings to get in behind her (2!), and the vibe I got on the tour was much more caring and friendly than certainly Anderson or TAG. NEST was great too, but very far from us.

    Undecided on the bus, as I think we're eligible, but it's walkable for us too.

    What's this about a picnic?

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    email send by Gina

    The Parent Teacher Association will be emailing you information about upcoming events such as an incoming picnic (June 20th 5:00-6:30PM). The PTA would also like to invite you to our Spring Fling this FRIDAY June 10th 5-7:30PM on the schoolyard.

    I wanted to let everyone know that Friday June 10 th between 5-7:30 our PTA is hosting a Fabulous Spring Fling on the main yard of PS77/PS198 This is a fun Lower Lab event! Sports, Art Projects, Face Painting, Cookie Decorating, Maker State Paper Rockets, Magic Performances, Yoga and so much more!!!! We wanted to include everyone so that you could have a chance to visit the school and perhaps make some connections with other families!

    Later in the month we will be contacting everyone about an incoming K-3 get together. Welcome to our community and we can't wait to meet everyone during pre-registration.

    Alas, we will miss all the events.

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