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    Any luck at St. Luke's / SLS if not applying at birth?


    we are new to the preschool process in San Francisco and we are wondering if it actually makes sense to still apply at schools that are from high interest, but that have a "first come first considered' basis.

    One school of interest is St. Luke's. Our son is 2 years and a bit now and we would like to apply for Sept-2017.

    Is there still in your experience an option to get in or is this wishful thinking?
    Is there an option to influence the decision with a generous donation to the school?


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    One of our friends said SLS is not a "from birth" school so you should definitely apply. From having gone through the process, I would say to learn as much about the school as you can and express why you have such deep interest in the school. I would focus on letting them know your willingness/excitement to be an active member of the parent community (helping with events and so on) rather than talking about how much money you have, which seems a bit obnoxious. Also, there are a lot of wonderful preschools, particularly if you're looking on the northside. There is no such thing as a feeder preschool so find one that's the bets fit for your son and for your family. Others may have different opinions, but this is my 2 cents.


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