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    wow. that is really different than the march 1st i have heard. i did not expect to feel so sick but I am feeling sick as my son only wants one school while I have been pushing how great the others are and they are... just too far.

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    I went Khan's Tutorial for 2 months and many of the instructor told me the score would be higher for 9th grader as there is not a lot of sit available (the tutorial discussed and ranked my choices for me based on my score).I was told that a 8th grader can get 500 and get into Brooklyn Tech while a 9th grader has to get about 530 or so to get in. The test was not as hard as people told me it would be but there were some high school geometry and basic trig.

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    SHSAT results

    Results will be given on 3/7..along with the round 1 results that's Wednesday

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    Quote Originally Posted by phonetutor View Post
    Results will be given on 3/7..along with the round 1 results that's Wednesday
    The 7th is a Tuesday though it should be the 8th

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    It will be March 8.

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    Where do you gals (or men) see this date posted? Yes, our principal told us March 8th too but she changed her story from another time. Is this posted on line? A DOE web page? Thanks. This whole process must be changed as 4 months is enough to make people sick.

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    I just called the number gilmoregirl posted and the rep stated that results should be next week...

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    My mistake...it's the 8th

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    Seems like we are more anxious than our kids. My son is just fine.

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    yes! Butterflies and all...


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