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    Cool Shsat 2017 cutoffs

    Who got their acceptance letter. I wonder what is the cutoff for this year. Anyone knew ?

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    Rumor is March 1 is the notification date. Your child will get a letter to take home from school.

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    Hs admissions & shsat

    I think the high school admissions list and the SHSAT scores are reported on Fridays. Then the students have a very upsetting dismissal that day. Even if they did get their choices their friends may not.

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    When will the SHSAT scores be released

    So when will the board of ed release these results already

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    It is rumored to come out on March 1st. However, it won't be a suprise if they release it a bit later.

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    Smile Result Date

    Rumor also has March 3rd or March 9th.
    I think that March 3rd is the likely date because results typically are sent home on Friday.

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    So i just called doe, they said results are not in the system as of yet. They said that most likely by the end of the week. I asked if i can get these results by phone? They said yes as soon as they have them. They can also email you the acceptance letter.

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    Hi Tatyana, I have a question. So will the results be able to be given to the students by March 3 or do we have to wait longer?

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    Hopefully it's on friday or better yet tomorrow, super anxious ;-/

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    Me too. Im anxious as well. I hope it's coming out tomorrow.

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