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Alright. Has anyone found any mistakes ever? Is it possible there were 2 answers for any of the ELA portion questions? Can you view the answer sheet and the city's answer key? As well as see the actual questions. Better yet has anyone ever received a higher score by finding mistakes in the last few years? Thanks
Here's an addition to that.

So let's say you see the answer key and boom! there are 2 correct answers in the key for a question in the ELA. You got one right but it took the kid forever to figure it out because you've never been told to ever expect that 2 can be right and this is NOT an "all of the above" type question. That then slows the kid down suddenly they see they're running out of time and can no longer go back and correct. Now had that not happened they may have gotten more right. When you get closer to 50 the raw numbers get weighted heavier. Is there any recourse?