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for most kids who did well on the g&t test, either a good gen ed zoned or g&t at 124 (or any district g&t program) would prob be fine/equivalent in terms of classroom learning content-- commute and ease of logistics would be something to seriously consider for a younger child. for those on the profoundly gifted end of the spectrum, probably neither would be satisfactory-- especially in the later grades-- but that says more about DOE than about this specific school. 124's g&t curriculum allows for enrichment and depending on the teacher, some differentiation (it's not about acceleration) but that's standard at district-level g&t programs. the quality of the work is high especially if you take into account there are lots of kids whose first exposure to english is in kindergarten (almost all the kids are chinese or east asian, so limited racial/ethnic diversity). the pta is not well-resourced though which affects teacher/student ratio and the afterschool offerings are very limited. on the other hand, at 124 you really have exposure to people from lots of different class backgrounds (some of the parents are asian american professionals who are 2nd/3rd generation and others are working-class, new immigrant, etc-- and class/income diversity is rare in nyc public schools these days, it seems. they use fundations phonics program in the earliest grades, follow teachers college's writing and reading curriculum, and for math they have terc investigations. the current kindergarten g&t teacher is fantastic. i hope that's helpful! good luck with your decision

That was very helpful. Thanks so much for the information. Very much appreciated.