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    Gifted & Talent Results for 2017-18

    Last year they pushed everything up two weeks. If they stick to the schedule this time,
    results should be out by the end of next week (4/3 - 4/7)

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    thanks. Does anyone have any reviews for the District 20 schools such as PS 229, PS 204, PS 104, PS 102, PS 205? How about District 31 PS 50, PS8 & PS42? Thinking about relocating too. Does anyone know about transferring between G&T schools? I read that you can but can anyone confirm & link me? thanks in advance.

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    As far as I know you can't make a sideways move between G&T schools; ie you can't go from district program to district program you can only "upgrade" from district to citywide with a .97+ percentile score

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    You cannot retest to move from one district program to another, but you can request a transfer. Transfers are granted based on seat availability and on the reason why the transfer request was made (a hardship request like a move will carry more weight than just wanting a different program). Test results are taken into account when transfer requests are reviewed.

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    Thanks for the info. Will look into it further if it happens. I know some already G&T program kids that retest too but not sure what's the best way to go about it.

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    Those already in a district G&T CAN retest in an effort to qualify for a citywide seat. That's what we did with my daughter last year. She was in a district program, retested, got a high enough score to qualify for a citywide so we applied and in the lottery got a 3rd grade seat at a citywide. So to move from district to citywide you must retest, but to move from district to district you must request a transfer.

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    Nice! Sounds like next week for sure!

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    So helpful, thanks!

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    NEST+m tour is scheduled for 4/19 from 8:45 am to 10:00 am

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    the NEST+m website deleted the 4/19 posting...

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