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    G&T District 20 help

    Does anyone have any info/advice on the G&T schools in distrcit 20?

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    Can we start with what schools you are considering & what's important to you?

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    i would love bsi but the other schools im curious about are 204, 229, 102, and 104.

    Just looking for opinions, my children are currently in private school.

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    PS 229, 204, 102 then 104 are ranking based on scores. First two are more Asians & the latter are more diversified. If you are in district 20 & have a 99 or siblings, your chances are higher for G&T @229. They only have 25 seats for Kindergarten.

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    It's actually for a second grade seat. I don't know if I should choose 204 or 102 as first choice. I am worried 204 will have no diversity. Very confusing. I wish I would've had her tested for kindergarten to have better odds. I haven't heard such great things about 229. I've been reading a lot and haven't seen many good reviews.

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    Does anyone have an experience with these schools?

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    Does 204 even have a program this year? I called them and they couldn't give me an answer and it wasn't listed in the District 20 list inside the results package. I'm wondering if they discontinued it.

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    It was listed on mine as a choice. I'm looking for a second grade seat.


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