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    STaten Island G&T does anyone know what school is good & any problems getting in?

    Ps8 ps42 ps50 ps53

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    i hear all good things about all three of them except 42 dont know much since its far for me to travel.i had 50 53 and 8 as my top 3. she got accepted to 53 and waitlisted on the others. i did tours for 50 and 53 liked both very much. she got accpeted to 50 midway through sept 16 and is currently there .

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    If you don't mind, may I ask what score your daughter got to get into PS 50 & does she have any siblings?

    What do you like about PS 50? I read some reviews about not much recess time, all they care about is prepping for the state test(which starts at 3rd grade), no more funding for violin lessons and light fixtures in the building being old and toxic. Just wondering if this is true and how you feel about it.

    Thanks in advance for your help. Seems to be so little information online and I don't want to make the wrong decision for my child.

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    one more thing, do you know if there is Sibling Priority? or Bus service to New Springville? thank you so much in advance.

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    I heard 50 accepts 96 or higher but thats just through people i dont know how true it is? she was at her zoned school until 1st , i chose to put her into 53 to try the G&t class , busing was new for us we did hylan since it was the easiest route for busing since the school is kinda off it. when i was asking about the sibling priorority for 53 , its still a 50/50 shot as for 50 i heard from multiple people that its a stern no for siblings unless an opening opens up after enrollment or the sibling passes the test as well. My little one will be entering prek next year but putting her in private and for the following year she will either go to her zoned school or hope she gets into 50,If she doesnt i would have two kids two different schools.

    for both routes 50 and 53 it is local area , since you are new springville you might have to travel to the bus stop. but i would double check the bus routes.

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    wow. I was really considering PS 50 because the Kindergarten directory says all siblings of non zone is accepted. i know for PreK it's a nono for sure but even for Kindergarten? Boo for us!! I'm already stressing the two year gap. I researched the schools along the route PS 50, a few good choices so not as bad if it comes down to do it but my zone public school is too far from PS 50. How do you like the curriculum so far? Do you like how and what they teach and does your daughter like school? do they do art & music?

    Good luck and thanks for the info, I will ask this question at open house & let you know as well.

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    strange i cant see my posts

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    i dont know weird. recess is a bummer but all schools r kinda the same in that. she just had a violin concert, music class which she loved and now art and the school is well maintained from what i can see. i feel 50 is more geared towards academics which i was open to and okay with. they are kinda prepping now for next year but im not worried really till the 4th grade thats when it counts for middle school. she had gotten a 96 for her score. i feel you on the decison making we had a hard time too, if we were making the right one.

    they might have changed the sibling requirement this year for lack of kids quilfing or accepting because of siblings. you will have to ask the school directly.

    so far she likes it ,very fasted paced, the curriculum is okay. I find the reading aspect a little behind (spelling things like that)they can go more in depth but other than that i like it.

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    there is also on facebook g&t parents of staten island

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    thanks for all the info. I requested to be added last week but they didn't add me. oh wells =P


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