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    Information about PS 122 Mamie Fay (District 30)

    Does anyone have information about the G&T program at PS 122 in Astoria? The open house is at a time that makes it difficult for me to attend. It's supposed to be a great school, but I heard (from a dated source) that kids without a 99 have no chance of getting a seat. Is this still true or has the presence of Q300 in Astoria changed that?

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    No, not true that only 99s get in. However, I think it's mainly scores on the higher end of the G&T spectrum. It's a well run school but there are other great options in District 30, including some schools without G&T programs. When you look at curriculum, PTA involvement and fundraising, and test scores by each grade in the D30 schools and PS 217 (the D2 school taking in D30 schools), the programs are pretty similar with the exception of one or two schools have really surpass the others in terms of fundraising, including 122. PS 122 has just cultivated a reputation the others have not.


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