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    District GT vs Good public school in Long island


    We have an opportunity to relocate to Long island area from the city, but my daughter got 99 for K, as the odds is very low to win the lottery for the city wide, most likely she will end up in one of the district program PS 203 or PS188. Anyone knows how the GT program comparing to the good public elementary schools in long island, such as Jericho, great neck area.

    I see this list for best 100 public elementary schools in NY state, I do not see any schools in the city

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    I'm not familiar with that website, but a lot of places use School Digger for rankings. According to that website, for the 2015-2016 school year, PS 188 ranked number 14 and PS 203 ranked number 40 of all the elementary schools in New York (out of 2,364 elementary schools). The ranking is based on average test scores. You'll have to weigh the pros and cons of going to LI vs a NYC school. I believe there are a lot more extracurricular activities available for LI schools and smaller class sizes, while for City schools, the curriculum is more academic focused with a lot less funding. We have two kids in 188 G&T right now and have been generally happy.


    Also, rankings and academics is not everything. Visit the schools and go with what you will think is best for your child.


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