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    PS198 G&T program

    Hi - is anyone familiar with the G&T program at PS198 (located in the same building as PS77 Lower Lab)? How do you feel about the curriculum? How is the PTA? What kind of enrichment classes are available? Any comments or inputs are helpful! Thanks.

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    Hi, we have two kids in the program this year- one in K and one in 2nd grade- and have been happy with the school and program. The principal is new (she was the assistant principal prior) and she wonderful and everyone is energized by the work she is putting in improving the school and connecting the community. Teachers for the G&T classes are very good - our 2nd grade experience has been great so far. if you are looking for accelerated curriculum or more challenging work, this may not be the school, as the focus is not to try and teach a grade ahead (as it is in other programs). Rather, teachers try to go deeper into the materials, do more project based work, foster understanding etc. but the material taught is still at grade level. PTA is wonderful - very committed group of parents. School is very diverse and that is both a huge plus and a challenge to get more parents involved. But even in teh year we have been at teh school, I have seen some good progress on that front. Happy to talk to you more offline if you have specific questions. Good luck!

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    Thanks! Good to know. My little girl really enjoys arts and music. What is your experience with the art/music/performing arts program at the school? Do kids get outdoor recess time daily? And lastly, do you spend much time on homework with your little ones?

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    Great music teacher- really good! My kindergartner loves her and this year in K they had music twice per week. Art is good too and the school participated this year in multi school art show which was lovely. Ps 198 also has Media/computers, yoga at K, and gym. Recess is 25 min- it is outdoor and they have nice yard to play in. HW in K is something i have not liked very much as a parent who believes strongly in play based and active learning. It hasn't been a huge amount - 15 min per day probably if you spread it out. It is due Fridays and we have requested the weekend because we never find the time during the week. Teachers are flexible in general in terms of getting in the HW late or skipping pages - at least with us they have been

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    Thanks for sharing. This is much more than what could be found on the web. Unfortunately I could not make the open house this morning. Glad to have the details from you.

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    No problem- happy to answer other questions that might come up. We were in the same position last year.

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    We are trying to decide which to put first in our application - PS11 or PS198 for K. Both schools seem to emphasize on depth of understanding concepts, but we are not sure which of them is actually more rigorous. Did you also compare PS198 against PS11 or other similar D2 schools?

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    Hi, my impression is that ps 11 and ps 198 have similar vibes. We looked at ps 11 but for us distance was a big factor and since we are on the upper east side 198 made a lot more sense. Plus we liked the community and diversity of the school. We have friends in the g&t program at ps 11 and they are quite happy there too. Hard to answer which one is more rigorous- in 198 reading wise kids are way above grade level (sometimes 2 grades above), they are moving fast in math too but I don't see them introducing material much ahead of the grade- they do supplement though. I will say that the teachers are wonderful. I think it is important to look at logistics like commmute because it does add up. For us even the 20 blocks distance has made a big difference in our days and ps 198 starts at 8:00 which means earlier wake up time etc. not sure where you live but given the similarities between the schools I'd choose the one that will be easier to get to on a daily basis. I hope this helps.

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    Thanks ivelinaborisova! that definitely helps!!!
    One more question- what do you think in terms of curriculum between PS33 and PS198?

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    Hi, I don't know PS 33 as well. We actually got a spot there first but declined it because of distance. We missed the open house last year so I am afraid I don't know as much. I see a thread on this forum focused entirely on PS 33 vs PS 11 - you may want to look at that for more relevant info. Best of luck!


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