Any BPC school parents here? We live just east of West Street in the Financial District (close to Battery Park itself) and used to be zoned for Battery Park City School before Peck Slip School started up. My understanding is that they have split the zone, but when I look at the school zone maps for BPC School, I still see my building zoned for BPC School, although it does appear to be a separate zone.

According to the BPC School website's FAQ (, it states that "Our school is located in District 2 in Lower Manhattan. Our zone is roughly described as being south of Albany, Liberty and Maiden Lane." And the on Inside Schools ( when you click on the Zone map, you see two blue-shaded zones -- one in southern Battery Park and the other in southern FIDI.

According to this, we would still be zoned for BPC School. We are actually much closer to the BPC School vs. Peck Slip so we would prefer to be at BPC School.

Any parents living east of West Street have any luck getting a Kindergarten or Pre-K spot at BPC School in the last two years? Of the two zones shown on Inside Schools, is the BPC zone the "primary" zone and the southern FIDI a "secondary zone" as it relates to admissions? If so, does that mean the secondary zone gets secondary admissions priority in case there are not enough children from the BPC zone?

Thanks in advance!