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    PS111 and PS130 G&T


    Anyone familiar with the G&T programs in PS111 OR PS130?


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    We got an offer from PS111 last year and turned them down, the school seems to be undergoing a very rapid transition but G&T program there seemed very new and not as well established as some other ones in D2. In the end it was not worth a very long commute to us.

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    Thanks gella. What did you end up choosing if you don't mind sharing?

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    We are seriously considering ps130 as it seems to be academically high-achieving. We are D2/98 no sibling priority, and after listing the city wides and LL at top, we are debating whether to list ps130 or ps11 higher. We toured both and they each have unique advantages and disadvantages. PS130 has super high test scores in Math but ps11 English score is higher. Also ps130 has a school uniform policy which might be an issue for my daughter who only likes to wear dresses. Ps130 will be a shorter commute for us but ps11 starts at 8:50am so we can leave later. Any parents enrolled in ps 130, ps 124 and ps11 G & T? Please share you thoughts about the programs. Thanks in advance.

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    We had a charter as an option and are also zoned for one of the top downtown PSs, so we ended up in our zoned. PS130 school uniform policy is not very strictly enforced from what we observed when we were there, most students looked like they used it as more of a guideline. I can't remember if I saw many dresses but the school seemed to have some fantastic arts and music specials. Did you have a chance to tour them? I think it might also be helpful to factor your zoned school in your decision. In many instances they are better performing, have more PTA provided aid, and have more enriched curriculum then G&T options.

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    Thank you gella! Yes, we toured ps130 and it is actually better academically than our zoned downtown school (our zoned school has a special ed class that might be pulling the overall school test score down). I appreciate your comment about the dress code at the school and this is a positive development.

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    Happy to help, this website has been very helpful to us! Just a side note, if you are by any chance on the wait list of PS150, the list does move, letting the school know how much you are interested always helps )

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    Thanks so much, Gella! We are indeed on the waitlist at ps150 but as the school has only one class per grade, I thought we had no chance there. I will follow up with them and see how things stand. We are also on the waitlist for Spruce Street but are not zoned for it. As of now, we hope to get into a district 2 G & T kindergarten program but if a ps150 spot opens up, we'll have to reevaluate. Is your child at ps150 now and how do you like it? I know as a school ps150 has been ranking slightly ahead of ps130 in recent years but maybe the ps130 G & T class ranks better? It's impossible to find statistics on the G & T classes; specifically when they are in a normal gen ed school all the scores are taken and averaged.

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    Any parent currently in D2 GT school can comment on the Curriculum of GT class compare to the general class in their school? I am surprise that not much information is posted from the school about their GT program or from parents in regards to how they feel about their current GT program. Are all GT parents happy about placing their kids in their current GT program? If parents took their kids to take the GT test and the GT school does not deliver on the GT curriculum, it would take away from the meaning of having a GT program. Are GT schools graded or score by any agency? Is the purpose of the GT program simply to group kids together that passed the exam or is there more to a GT curriculum? Any current GT parent that can comment on their GT program would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Anyone familiar with the G&T programs in PS111 OR PS130?

    Thanks! "

    As from gella comment, PS111 has a fairly new GT program. I was told the curriculum is similar to the general class, but if your child is far above the current grade level they will place your child with kids in the next higher grade class. I gather from this that the school and what they do with the GT program would be a fairly significant factor. Can parents that have their child in a GT program comment on their GT program. First hand knowledge is always better. Thanks.


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