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    Quote Originally Posted by kschool View Post
    FYI, principal of BSI just resigned.
    Did something happen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakz137 View Post
    Did something happen?
    not sure, but here is only news coverage I can find online. http://bklyner.com/brooklyn-school-i...s-new-doe-job/

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwtnmama View Post
    Thank you for this, it's helpful. And glad to hear it's worked out for your family! Does anybody have any info to share about the entering 1st grade wait-list at NEST?
    Thanks! Don't know anything about NEST's waitlist, but I should add that we know someone going into first grade who scored 98 who just got into PS 11 off the waitlist (she was #5 on PS 11's waitlist).

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